Loyalty Rewards

Thank you for being part of our Loyalty family! We are so exited to share this new feature we created to thank you for being a loyal shopper. 

-How to earn loyalty points: 

Receive 25 points instantly when creating a loyalty account. 

Receive 1 point per $1 spent. (example: spend $75 Taxes not included that's 75 points!)

How does the point system work?

When you create an account on our website you will have access to your account order and purchase history. You will receive a notification when you have a new reward waiting to be used and when rewards are about to expire. Redeeming is simple, once you reached a reward level you will click redeem now and a code will appear just for you. Once redeemed your points will be taken away from grand total, then you start earning points as soon as you start purchasing again. 

100 points = $5 off

200 points = $10 off

300 points = $15 off

400 points = $25 off

500 points = $45 off

600 points = $50 off

700 points = $60 off

800 points = $75 off

900 points = $90 off

1000 points = $100 off